Turkish and Refugee Families Met at the Brotherhood Table

MUDEM-RSC Ordu Sustainable Living Center, funded by the European Union and in cooperation with Governorship of Ordu, Ordu Provincial Directorate of Migration Management, and Ordu Provincial Directorate of Youth and Sports, organized a dinner event named “Amity Table”. While Bayram Gale, Lieutenant Governor of Ordu; Abdülkadir Katırcıoğlu, Director of Ordu PDMM; Yüksel Çetin, Director of Ordu Provincial Directorate of National Education; and Safa Karataş, General Coordinator of MUDEM-RSC attended the event, both refugees and host community member enjoyed the event altogether. Coming together in the uniting spirit of Ramadan, both refugees and host community member enjoyed breaking fast together. After the event, our children guests were entertained by the shadow puppetry plays “Hacivat ve Karagöz” and “Meddah ile İbiş”.