Turkish and Refugee Families Gathered in Düzce for Event of ” Unifying Iftar”

MUDEM-RSC Düzce Field Office, funded by the European Union and in cooperation with Düzce Provincial Directorate of Migration Management (PDMM), organized a break-fast event named “Uniting Iftar”. Among the participants to the event were Abdulgani Mağ, Deputy Governor of Düzce; Seyhan Akyüz, Director of Düzce PDMM; Ercan Öztürk, Provincial Director of SASF; Ali Kartal, Provincial Director of AFAD; Osman Özcan, Director of KADIM; and representatives from the local NGOs. Coming together in the uniting spirit of Ramadan, both local community and the refugees enjoyed breaking fast together. At the end of the event, a cinevision display, and an oud concert by Ali Fahad, one of our beneficiaries, took place.