Refugee Support Center (MUDEM-RSC) has reached 100 thousand refugees in a year

As an impartial and non-profit organization, Refugee Support Center (MUDEM-RSC) has reached 100 thousand refugees through its activities in 2018. Carrying out over 40 thousand activities in areas such as social, psychological and legal counseling, MUDEM-RSC has touched the lives of thousands of refugees within a year.

Touching 100 thousand lives

MUDEM-RSC continues to carry out personal development and social cohesion activities for its beneficiaries, aiming to meet the social, economic, and cultural needs of them. Undertaking activities devoted to solidarity with refugees who, due to reasons beyond their control, were compelled to take refuge in Turkey, MUDEM-RSC has reached over a hundred thousand refugees within 2018.

Making a difference in refugees’ lives

Providing its beneficiaries with support through operations in 22 different provinces and its expert staff, MUDEM-RSC has reached the lives of thousands of people according to year-end data. According to the data, MUDEM-RSC has provided 19.917 refugees with social counseling, 17.316 refugees with health counseling and 12.808 refugees with legal counseling services. Thousands of beneficiaries benefiting from counseling services and attending activities brought their problems and were given solutions through counseling services. Several beneficiaries improved themselves, thus made a difference in their lives, by participating in personal and social development activities. Giving prominence to activities focusing on groups with specific needs/vulnerabilities (e.g. women, children, people with disabilities, elderly), MUDEM-RSC carried out many activities, prioritizing those that are related to social cohesion and awareness raising. MUDEM-RSC reached over fifty thousand refugees through its activities aimed to bring about betterment in personal well beings. Creating social cohesion between refugees and the host community through its cultural activities such as concerts and festivals, MUDEM-RSC hosted many social-cohesion-oriented activities. Reaching the refugees with limited access to its centers through its field workers, MUDEM-RSC has carried out nearly four thousand house visits to reach the refugees with needs with the permission and coordination of related government bodies and institutions.

Awareness about the increasing refugee and migration issue

Drawing attention to the increase in the number of refugees who, in line with the increasing level of conflict and violence, were compelled to leave their homelands due to war and discrimination, MUDEM-RSC made contributions to proposal of solutions to the issues through its awareness-raising conferences and other activities on immigration and refugees.

Without the relevant government bodies, stakeholders, donors, and most importantly, our beneficiaries who put their trust in us, our activities within 2018 would not have been where they are right now.

So glad to have you!