MUDEM-RSC Identified Employers’ Needs through “Labor Market Integration of Asylum Seekers and Refugees in Turkey” Meeting

MUDEM-RSC and Amfori held a meeting about “Integration of Asylum Seekers and Refugees in Turkey to the Labour Market: the Needs and Expectations Employers”. Many officials and representatives from Directorate General of International Labour, Directorate General of Migration Management, Turkish Employment Agency, International Labour Organization, ASAM, Save the Children, and major manufacturers in the garment sector attended the meeting.
While the meeting was opened with speech given by Safa Karataş, General Coordinator of MUDEM-RSC, and Müge Tuna, Amfori Network Representative Turkey, a “did you know these?” session took place that was facilitated by Onur Özcan Yeniay, Lawyer at MUDEM-RSC.
After this session, Varol Dur, Social Security Officer from ILO, and Emine Bademci Gürlek, Skills Development Officer from ILO made an introductory presentation of “Social Security Premiums Support Programme”. Then, Hande Soğancılar Taşdemir, Livelihoods Project Officer from Save the Children introduced the project to be implemented in partnership with MUDEM-RSC. Following the presentations, round table meetings were held that were moderated by Müge Tuna. The event ended with presentation of round table meetings and a Q&A session.