İzmir Sustainable Life Center

RSC started its Sustainable Life Center project in order to support refugees, asylum-seekers and international protection applicants with disabilities and vulnerabilities-who live in İzmir and surrounding region- in overcoming the challenges they encounter.

The disability support workers in the center identify the special needs of disabled and vulnerable individuals through communication-based field work and in-office services. The disabled support team identifies the physically and mentally disabled people and provides the beneficiaries with the relevant counselling services. 4 field workers, 2 disability support workers, 1 psychologist and a healthcare instructor provide psycho-social support, healthcare and rehabilitation services. Needs-based individual- and group-counselling sessions regarding disabilities, basic trainings, technical assistance evaluations and assistance vehicle supply are provided.

Support is also provided in the processes of pain management, disability acceptance and disability adaptation by the disability workers and psychologists. In case of need for further support, such as provision of prosthesis and orthesis, beneficiaries are referred to relevant institutions such as ASAM, rehabilitation centers or public hospitals. The center is operated by Relief International and RSC and financed by European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations (ECHO).