“To Be a Woman”, an event by MUDEM-RSC within the context of March 8 International Women’s Day

MUDEM-RSC Sakarya Sustainable Living Center, funded by the European Union, organized an event named “To Be a Woman” within the scope of March 8 International Women’s Day. At the event that was carried out with contributions of Esra Turgut (President, Sakarya Bar Association, Women’s Rights Center) and Merve Sipahi (Vice President, Sakarya Bar Association, Women’s Rights Center), an interview and a Q&A session took place on the place and importance of March 8, women’s struggle for equality, women’s rights guaranteed in the constitution, and the protection mechanisms. In the second part of the event, an exhibition was held to display the works that represent the culture and inviduality of the women who made them. Displaying their works at the exhibition, women expressed happiness for the opportunity to exhibit their works to their relatives. Simultaneously, a mandala workshop took place and children enjoyed their time playing games. All beneficiaries found an opportunity at the cocktail party that took place after these simultaneous events to talk to and bond with one another.